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It’s now over a month since the closing ceremony of the London Paralympics and an opportunity to look back at what was undoubtedly one of London’s greatest moments in modern history to shine.

The initial connection many of the British public had with the Olympics was the Torch Relay which made its way through hundreds of communities nationwide. Few such positive occasions attract an entire settlement to take to the streets and cheer on members of their community as the Olympic Torch Relay for London 2012.

Over the period of the London Olympic and Paralympic games I was lucky enough to visit as a spectator at six of the sporting events: beginning outdoors with the Olympic Road Racing event through Box Hill, Surrey.

Having never before seen a cycling road race than on TV; this was a first for me, seeing up close the world’s elite male cyclists including Team GB’s Wiggins and Cavendish side by side. Weeks previous to the race I’d cycled the circuit once over and found just one sprint up to Box Hill and back towards outer-London enough. Doing this several times over and straight back to The Mall was truly inspiring and regardless of who got what medals; each and every Olympic cyclist had made a phenomenal achievement.

A few weeks later I had my opportunity to visit the Olympic Park and be amazed beyond belief at London’s Paralympics. I’d managed to get tickets to Athletics and Swimming both for the same day. I’d never before been to watch such events and this added to the overall experience and excitement of viewing the sports live.

Both at the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre there was an almost electric atmosphere and regardless of which nation was winning Gold, Silver or Bronze; the spectators showed their support in masses. For me the Paralympics had that slight edge over the Olympics in terms of amazement of what was being achieved by those who had to overcome immense physical as well as psychological barriers in front of a World audience.

Outside of the venues the Olympic Park was immaculately tidy and crowd management proving to work very well. The Velodrome and Aquatics Centre are architecturally some of the most notable and interesting venues in the park. Future generations will hopefully be able to use them as did the Olympians and Paralympians, and in doing so, make the first steps towards becoming participants in future Olympic or Paralympic games.

In the final part of my Paralympics spectating; I visited the ExCel Centre. Whilst lacking some of the atmosphere of the Olympic Park; it was still a great experience seeing such sports as Volleyball, Table Tennis and Power Lifting; performed by those whose mental and physical capabilities seemed beyond the perceived limits of their disabilities.

Albeit short and with a high price tag; London 2012 was a spectacular, awe-inspiring event that attracted longer term investment and focus on sport throughout the country and around the World. It has hopefully transformed not only an East London landscape but a national interest in sport as well as health, fitness and inspiration to aim higher.

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